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Micro blading hair strokes is the latest eyebrow craze sweeping the world. Victoria will draw individual strokes mimicking hairs into the skin, making them look like simulated hair strokes amongst your natural hairs.

Whether your brows have been over-plucked, thin due to age or illness or you may simply just want to improve them in a subtle way then this procedure is for you. People say it is a mini facelift, as by improving your brow shape it frames and defines the shape of your face making you appear more youthful.  We also offer powder brow which is a beautifully shaded brow, it looks more full than the feather stroke but leaves a more defined shape and looks amazing. You can even combine both techniques for a wow effect!

Cosmetic Tattoo
Cosmetic Tattoo Services


Permanent makeup for the lips is ideal for women wanting more defined lips, fuller appearing lips or a more perfect pout. Cosmetic Lip Tattooing takes the hassle out of having to reapply lip liner and lipstick throughout the day. Like our days aren’t busy enough!

Apart from enhancing the shape and fullness of your mouth, it is also used to correct imperfections – perfect if you have lost colour due to cold sore’s or age, even a scar or accident.

Eyeliner & Lash Enhancement

More defined eyes make a huge difference to your face. Making your beautiful features stand out even more, so getting the look with permanent makeup is the solution to never being under done ever again!

Permanent eye make up is a perfect solution for giving you the look that you love all day and all night without the pain of it smudging or coming off.

Lash enhancement is tattooing only along the lash line, which makes your lashes appear darker and thicker, perfect if you don’t want the full eyeliner look.

Lash & Brow Treatments

Tattoo FAQ

– avoid stimulants such as sugars and caffeines on the day in the lead up to your appointment.
– pain threshold is always at its highest first thing in the morning
– avoid where possible having your appointment in the lead up to and during menstruation
– educate yourself before the appointment so you are relaxed, a relaxed client always feels less
– don’t run late or arrive flustered, an organised calm client is always able to handle more sensation
– practise deep breathing techniques
– allow enough time for your appointment in your calendar to prevent feeling rushed
– consult with your Doctor as to whether you are able to take pain killers beforehand (please note you are unable to take any blood thinning pain killers prior to your appointment e.g ibuprofens
– Avoid fish oil at least 3 days prior to appointment

Most definitely! No cosmetic tattoo will commence until Victoria and (especially) you are both happy with the proposed shape and colour.

No, phew! Unlike a body tattoo, the idea is to work with the natural hair growth so that the result is as natural looking as possible. The hairs help the area to look more real and less like an artificial Brow. The excess stray hairs outside the brow shape are removed with a brow razor​

Cosmetic tattoo is a semi permanent makeup (SPMU) procedure designed to fade over time, however it is possible that there may always be some evidence remaining that the skin has previously been tattooed. This is somewhat unpredictable and depends on many varying factors including client skin type/ condition, client aftercare and tattooist skill.

The procedure is causing an open wound to the skin therefore sensation can be felt. Some clients describe it as pressure only, some clients feel the sharpness of the needles/blade

There is no exact answer to this question as every skin is differet. There are far too many varying factors to be able to say an exact timeframe (ie skin type, client aftercare, tattooist skill, activities including sweat/exercise/swimming, method of cosmetic tattoo used, pigment colour chosen, quality of the brand of pigment line used). Aim to have annual refreshers between 12-18months.
Someone who sweats excessively or goes swimming at the beach/pools will fade quicker that someone that does not.

Yes. Cosmetic Tattoo colours the skin and does not alleviate the need to colour the hairs and remove the excess hair growth/ stray hairs. Monthly maintenance appointments are recommended. Clients who continue to have regular Brow maintenance sessions are often happier with their Brows

Please note, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding we cannot perform cosmetic tattooing

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